Crushproof Hose Reel Hose

1. Try Crushproof

Crushproof technology allows garage exhaust hoses to return back to their original shape after being crushed or ran over by vehicles and other heavy machinery.

Crushproof hoses are best-suited for applications where the hose is left on the floor or used in an underground application.

2. Check for kinks at or close to fittings

Kinking at or close to fittings can cause tears and holes which allow contaminants to release can cause bubbling.

3. Proper assembly

If the hose is not properly assembled and inserted correctly into components, fittings and other parts may suffer from leakage or come loose and blow off.

4. Good maintenance practices

If garage exhaust hoses are not rinsed and drained after being used, dust and particulate can build up and clog the hose causing ventilation issues.

ACT Exhaust Hose

9. Good work practices

Being too rough on a hose that is not constructed of the proper material, pulling or towing it across rough surfaces or excessive rubbing against an abrasive surface, sharp corners, brackets, or missized clamps will result in damage and eventually failure.

10. Use appropriate hose lengths

If your garage exhaust hose is not long enough it's unable to expand and contract because of pressure or temperature changes causing excess stress on the fittings or hose reinforcement.

11. Remain aware of the bend radius

Crushing, kinking, or forcing a hose to bend outside of its bend radius limits with cause the hose to burst.

12. Use compatible fluids

Passing incompatible fluids through the hose will cause the inner tube material to deteriorate. In this case, the hose will show signs of swelling and splitting.

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WARNING: Vehicle Exhaust is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. We always recommend that any system be properly engineered to meet the specifications of your application. If you are using our Crushproof system, we recommend that you use it with a fan and as an intermittent repair solution only, not to be run for long periods of time. This hose is to be used only with naturally aspirated 4 cycle engines running at an idle and under no load. We recommend keeping any run of hose as short as possible preferably 11' or under and sized to include ambient air to cool the exhaust temperatures. This hose is designed to handle frequent temperatures up to 400° and intermittent temperatures to 600°. When using Crushproof hose for the first time, watch closely to verify that the exhaust is exiting the building as designed. IF YOU SEE ANY EXHAUST COMING BACK INTO THE SPACE, THE HOSE IS NOT BEING USED PROPERLY. TURN THE VEHICLE OFF IMMEDIATELY AND CALL OUR EXPERTS.