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About Crushproof-Hose

Air Cleaning Specialists, Inc., is a proud distributor of Crushproof hoses manufactured by Crushproof Tubing. Crushproof Tubing made the world's first crush-proof garage exhaust hose for the automotive aftermarket over six decades ago. They continue to expand their product line by producing high-quality, affordable hoses to accommodate a variety of industries.

With our value Starter Kits, service stations, car dealerships, and truck and bus repair garages, can purchase everything needed to get started.

Crushproof-Hose.com is home to a diverse collection of simple, cheap, and worry-free vehicle exhaust products that prevent exposure to carbon monoxide in automotive service environments. From Flarelock hoses to tailpipe adapters, we are your one-stop shop for garage exhaust equipment. To learn more about ACS or to get started on a quote, get in touch with us by:

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E: info@aircleaningspecialists.com