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Garage Exhaust Hose System shown in a service station environment.

12 Ways to Prevent Exhaust Hose Failure

Garage exhaust hose failure can be caused by a number of things, we've come up with 12 ways to prevent it!

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Flarelock Exhaust Hose

4 Reasons to Use a Flarelock Exhaust Hose

Flarelock exhaust hoses are the most popular in the crushproof line and are highly beneficial for these 4 reasons.

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Garage Exhaust Hose System shown on a truck.

6 ?s to Ask When Designing a Garage Exhaust System

It's recommended to work with an industry professional when designing a garage exhaust system - these 6 questions will help you prepare for the process.

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Dual Tailpipe

The Dangers of Vehicle Exhaust

This article covers various pollutants in connection with vehicle emissions, as well as, how to reduce the risk in vehicle repair facilities, garages and dealerships.

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Vehicle Exhaust Hoses

Choose The Right Exhaust Hose in 5 Steps

To determine which garage exhaust hose meets the demands of your application, follow these 5 steps.

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Garage Exhaust Door Port application

Do You Need a Garage Door Exhaust Port?

Garage door ports are designed to provide a pass-through where vehicle exhaust can be emitted outside, away from technicians.

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Crushproof Exhaust Hose application

5 Reasons to Use a Crushproof Exhaust Hose

Service shops and garages highly benefit from crushproof exhaust hoses and here are 5 reasons why.

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Vehicle Exhaust graphic

Choosing a Garage Exhaust System

It's critical to the safety and production of car dealerships, auto body shops and vehicle repair garages to implement an effective garage exhaust system.

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Telescoping Exhaust Hose System

7 Ways to Increase The Life of Your Exhaust Hose

Equipping a shop with exhaust hoses can be costly. Get the most out of your hose with these seven practices.

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Garage Exhaust Hose

The Do's & Dont's of Garage Exhaust Hoses

Exhaust hoses are crucial in removing vehicle exhaust. Follow these do's & dont's to get the most use from your exhuast hose.

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Crushproof Exhaust Hose

Why Are Crushproof Hoses Better?

One of the most important parts of an exhaust system is the hose. Find out whay Crushproof is the best.

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Crushproof Exhaust Hose

Choosing a Tailpipe Adapter

When selecting a tailpipe adapter it's important to understand the specific demands of your application.

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WARNING: Vehicle Exhaust is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. We always recommend that any system be properly engineered to meet the specifications of your application. If you are using our Crushproof system, we recommend that you use it with a fan and as an intermittent repair solution only, not to be run for long periods of time. This hose is to be used only with naturally aspirated 4 cycle engines running at an idle and under no load. We recommend keeping any run of hose as short as possible preferably 11' or under and sized to include ambient air to cool the exhaust temperatures. This hose is designed to handle frequent temperatures up to 400° and intermittent temperatures to 600°. When using Crushproof hose for the first time, watch closely to verify that the exhaust is exiting the building as designed. IF YOU SEE ANY EXHAUST COMING BACK INTO THE SPACE, THE HOSE IS NOT BEING USED PROPERLY. TURN THE VEHICLE OFF IMMEDIATELY AND CALL OUR EXPERTS.