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Temperature - Select a hose with the proper temperature rating to ensure it can withstand working conditions.

  • Extremely hot or cold temperatures can break down the flexibility of a hose, lead to discoloration or cracking, or cause it to harden.
  • Internal and impact temperatures should be considered to ensure the temperature limits of the hose are not exceeded.

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    Size - You must choose an exhaust hose that has the appropriate I.D. (inside diameter) and length to effectively transmit media.

  • A hose that is too short can't properly expand or contract pressure and temp. changes cause extra stress on fittings and reinforcement.
  • Incorrect sizing can also result in clogs and build-up of particulate matter.

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    Application - The material the hose will be transporting is critical when determining what material is best.

  • It's also important to factor in the environmental conditions that the hose will be used in, how often it will be used, where it's stored, and if it needs to meet specific government requirements.